Txuan High Speed Rotating Joint With 15000 Rpm

As a leading enterprise in domestic rotary joint industry, Jiangsu Tenxuan Technology co., LTD. Develops new industries and new products.Since 2010, we have hired Italian experts with rich design experience. After years of painstaking research and development, we have successfully developed several high-speed rotating joints for machine tool spindles.


Tengxuan machine tool spindle rely on excellence and sincere service to win the market praise.Recently, The company's important partner Wuxi Zhengyang paper machinery plans to add a new production line, tengxuan invited the marketing and technical team for communication.Zhengyang mechanical leadership to the rotary joint brand very recognized, they invited the team to visit the use of the production line, its supporting high-speed rotating joint at 15000 revolutions per minute, has been in continuous use for nearly 2 years, has been maintained zero fault.This time, Zhengyang machinery to bring new orders is the high speed rotary joint of the teng Xuan brand recognition and trust.