Txuan New Products Water Wheel Hydraulic Rotary Joints

Txuan the hydraulic rotary joint for hydraulic turbine of hydropower station has been successfully delivered to the customer for installation.

The hydraulic rotary joint of hydraulic turbine in hydropower station is mainly used for blade changing, the height of water level and the size of water flow should adjust the position of the blade accordingly, turn the potential energy into kinetic energy and improve the conversion efficiency.Txuan ML type high speed hydraulic rotary joint, Max speed  1500 RPM and Max pressure 25 Mpa,Temperature 40 ℃ ~ 90 ℃  . According to the actual working conditions of customers, Txuan provide more reasonable design structure, and adopt CNC precision machining to ensure the processing accuracy of product parts and ensure the stability of product operation in the long-term operation process.

Now all over the world advocate clean energy, water resources development and application is also the development direction of the future, as countries continue to strengthen infrastructure construction, the construction of a large number of engineering of water conservancy and hydropower station, the successful application of the water turbine hydraulic rotary joint, Txuan bound to open up new industry market, has laid a solid foundation for future development.