Txuan News Move To A New Factory And Upgrade Again

After nearly two years of construction, the first phase of Tengxuan Technology Langxi subsidiary has been successfully completed at the beginning of the year, and has been put into use one after another.In the first half of the year, the company successfully completed the relocation of the workshop of general industrial rotary joint and the central rotary joint of construction machinery under the guarantee of stable production.At present, the production of Langxi factory has entered a continuous and stable state.


In the inventory count, the staff work together, everywhere can be seen busy figure.

All rotary joint accessories shall be registered piece by piece and placed in different categories to prevent collision and rain. Protection measures shall be taken in each case.

Langxi Tengxuan Phase I factory covers an area of 72 mu. After being put into use, it will greatly alleviate the limitations of wuxi headquarters factory site.At the same time, in recent years, the company has been keeping close cooperation with local colleges and universities, in the talent reserve has been made in advance layout.Teng Xuan technology this factory relocation, will become the new starting point of the second take-off of the company.In the future, we will welcome new and old customers with a new look, and we will provide you with the best quality rotary joint products with the service concept of more excellence.