Txuan Rotary Joint Brand Exported To Overseas

Txuan technology rotary joint professional design and development manufacturers, focusing on the rotary joint industry for more than 21 years, in the development of technology and advanced precision equipment investment, with the continuous accumulation of product application experience and active expansion of the domestic and foreign markets, the current products are exported to more than 30 countries.

1. Technological advantages continue to meet new market demands.

The company has successively cooperated with experts from South Korea, The United States and Italy in rotary joints, and successfully developed high-end rotary joints such as hydraulic rotary joints, paper rotary joints and systems, machine tool spindle rotary joints and so on.


2. Advanced equipment guarantees product quality.

Tengxuan technology continues to introduce high-precision equipment and testing equipment: since the end of 2019, it has successfully acquired longmen processing center, Swiss Stoute universal grinding machine, DMG CNC machining center, coordinate measuring instrument, roundness measuring  and other advanced equipment.

3. First- rate service

The company puts a lot of effort into the service side, focusing on attracting and retaining customers.Confirm technical solutions quickly before sales, keep good communication with customers during product development, and follow up and pay return visits to service personnel after product delivery;Have a professional service team, for customers to put forward questions within 24 hours quick response.

Teng Xuan technology in the continuous introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of continuous innovation and development.Our products have not only replaced imports in many fields, but also sold overseas. Our products have been highly recognized by customers in many famous European and American enterprises such as Danieli, Simag and Liebherr.