Txuan Rotary Joints -- To Meet Customer Needs And Continuous Innovation

Tengxuan Technology has been continuously introducing advanced equipment and talents. In 2020, Tengxuan Technology subsidiary Langxi factory will be put into operation smoothly, and Tengxuan will increase the investment of equipment personnel in Langxi factory and expand production capacity.With the rapid growth of Tengxuan orders, in 2021, Tengxuan will continue to increase equipment personnel, increase capacity tasks, and further expand capacity to meet customer needs.



Tengxuan Technology has been an enterprise with direction and goal since.Strengthen professional training for management personnel and special training for technical personnel, and organize departments to carry out department analysis and improvement meetings.Employ professional engineers to develop and train ERP system.We improve in practice, and constantly improve the cohesion of the enterprise and work efficiency.

2021 Tengxuan Technology has full energy, seriously treat every customer, 2020 thanks for always having you! May we continue to go hand in hand!