Txuan’s Hydraulic Rotary Joint Fills The Gaps In The Equipment Field Of Domestic Bridge Construction

Recently Txuans M type multi-passages hydraulic rotary joint which is customized for Liugong Group is successfully running on the line and it can fully meet customer requirements.


M type hydraulic rotary joint has the characteristics of high pressure, high speed and long life. It is applied to many kinds of media and passages can be customized according to customer's requirement.

Txuans M type rotary joint for Liugong Group is to be used for the surface spraying equipment of the bridge cable and media is a mixture of liquid, gas and chemicals. Previously this field of rotary joints can be only imported from overseas market, however Txuan depends on years of experience in sealing plus excellent processing technology to successfully developed substitute, each technical index reaches similar foreign products. Txuans M type multi-passages fills the gaps in the equipment field of domestic bridge construction and create a new breakthrough in the field of domestic rotary joint.


Txuans target is to be the leader of the dynamic sealing industry in Asia.. Join hands with Txuan to create a bright future!