Txuan Special Hot Oil Rotary Joint For Solar Collector

At present, new energy solar power generation technology is booming, and the world's highest installed capacity and the most mature technology is the tank solar photovoltaic power generation technology.

Trough solar photovoltaic power generation technology is through the trough reflector to focus sunlight on the solar collector tube, the collector tube has an endothermic tube, used to absorb sunlight to heat the internal hot oil, heat the hot oil to about 400℃.The hot oil heats the water to about 300℃ through the heat exchanger to form steam, which drives the steam turbine to rotate and drive the generator to generate electricity.

Teng Xuan technology has many years of sealing industry experience, after a long - term simulation test, successfully developed a solar collector dedicated hot oil rotary joint.

Special hot oil rotary joint for solar collector

SGJO-Q Technology Parameters

         Max Speed:5RPM

        Max Temperature:400°C

         Max Pressure:2.0MPa

         Rotate Torque:170N. m


Product Feature:

  1. The sealing surface is specially treated to improve the reliability and service life of the seal.

  2. The material is made of heat resistant steel.

  3. Spherical seal structure, allowing swing Angle "+/-15°.

  4. Pipe connections is welded or flanged.

  5. Automatic wear compensation device.