Types And Development Of Global Rotary Joint

usually 360 ° rotating to play the connection of the transmission parts, we are called rotary joint, each business on the joint name are not only the same. But the structure is not much difference, and now we will all the structure of the rotary joints, types are one by one analysis. Single-loop rotary joint: single-loop rotary joint is divided into two kinds: one is the inner tube rotation, one is the inner tube fixed, which is characterized by simple structure, easy installation, the internal graphite carbon seal, the shell set up observation holes , When the joint rotation, you can observe the internal seal of the wear and tear, when the seal has a certain wear and tear, through the internal set of spring pressure. Can automatically compensate for the sealing structure, which play a very good sealing effect, usually this connector are large diameter transmission medium. There is a ball bearing support to support the balance of the entire operation of the joints, when used for a long time, if the seal is damaged, you can change the seal, without the need to buy new products, saving costs.

Double loop rotary joint: two-loop rotary joint is divided into two kinds, the inner tube rotary rotary joint, the inner tube fixed rotary joint, which is characterized by two-way transmission medium. Simple structure, affordable, internal bearing without support, but high wear-resistant graphite carbon ring support, outside the injection hole, when a long time in a dry environment, you can regularly give internal oil, to ensure good lubrication, At the same time in the joint rotation, you can automatically compensate for the vertical, play a good sealing effect, the rotor parts have two solid zero live ring support to ensure that the rotary joint zero live rotation. Multi-channel rotary joint: usually have two internal tube or two internal tube above the connector, our industry is called multi-channel rotary joint, which is characterized by multiple internal tube can simultaneously transmit a variety of different media, each pipeline Are independent of each other, do not interfere with each other, which is its major features, the internal number of imported seals for mechanical seals, a ring two seals for sealing, sealing features, high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, the use of Long life and other characteristics, diverse structure, zero change, the internal support by two high-precision bearings, friction coefficient is small, support the entire part of the rotor in the high-speed balance of rotation, commonly used 2-way rotary joint, 3-way rotary joint, 4-way rotary joint, 6-way rotary joint, 8-way rotary joint,

10-channel-24-way rotary joint. Standard connector media can be multi-directional selection into the hole, you can select the media from the side of the shell into the hole, you can also choose from the flange side of the media into the hole, or the top of the flange into the media hole, according to the specific work, and select the media into the direction , Multi-channel rotary joint rotation concentricity high, fast rotation speed, torque is small, long life and other characteristics, conductive slip ring: conductive slip ring also known as conductive central rotary joint. It is characterized by the power supply, the signal is unlimited rotation transmission, to ensure that no winding, the internal high-precision bearing support, Teflon insulation film for insulation treatment, gold-plated brush, gold brush is characterized by high temperature, Conductive performance, and over-current, and sometimes need to deal with external interference to ensure that the internal good signal output, you can use the hole link, you can also use the flange link, is a commonly used industrial conductive joints. Gas (liquid) electric rotary joint: gas (liquid) electric rotary joint is usually composed of two parts. Conductive part and ventilation part, which is characterized by the air source and power supply through the rotary transmission to the working parts, design features: When the circuit part is greater than the gas part of the time, surrounded by the circuit design by the circuit, when the gas part of the circuit part Time, surrounded by the gas circuit design, stable performance, long life, good insulation. Custom rotary joint: Custom rotary joint are customized according to some size parameters provided by the customer. Such as the size, link size, the distance between the stomata, which link thread, speed, pressure, temperature, respectively, is how many, whether there is a number of flange structure, etc., according to customer information and design a special Rotary joint. According to its structure and performance can be divided into the above categories.