What Are The Requirements For The Friction Material Of The Rotary Joint?

The material of the rotary joint is the basis for its existence and development. The friction pair is resistant to the corrosion of the medium in high-speed rotation, subjected to a certain pressure, performs heat exchange, completes the sealing task in the case of relative movement and friction. Materials made some requirements, according to our company's technical staff experience summed up the following points

In the anti-corrosion to have good chemical stability, can resist the media corrosion, abrasion, dissolution, swelling

In the physical and mechanical properties to have a higher elastic modulus, strength and allowable PV value, low coefficient of friction and linear expansion coefficient, excellent wear resistance and self-lubricating properties are impermeable

In the thermal performance to have a good thermal conductivity, heat resistance and cold resistance to temperature resistance

Another point is that the material source to be convenient, easy processing and manufacturing, low cost

The adapter should have three requirements before being used.

1, with anti-wear. Rotary joint in the use of the process, due to the characteristics of the device itself, the internal precision bearings to continue to rotate, especially high-speed rotary joint, which bearing and shell wear resistance has a very high demand, bearing and shell The body to use anti-wear strong materials for production, but also to ensure the durability of the two run. So that the working performance and service life of the rotary joint can be maintained.

2, with corrosion resistance. Rotary joint are not only connected with the conveyor medium equipment, it is important to transport their own media, which determines the rotary joint to have high-intensity corrosion resistance. Of course, rotating joints in the face of different media, there will be a corresponding model for supporting the use, but in the transmission of highly corrosive media, the rotary joint itself should also have a corrosion resistance to ensure that the rotary joint will not leak due to media corrosion, To avoid major accidents.

3, with a seal. Rotary joint in the use of the process, the most important thing is its own seal. Rotary joint of the seals and seals to use special materials to ensure that in the long-term use of the process to reduce the degree of wear on the seals and seals, thereby reducing the media leakage. At the same time sealing and sealing ring assembly is simple, there can be timely replacement of leakage, reduce the accident occurred.