What Is The Cause Of Excavator Running Deviation

The excavator running deviation and you don't know where the problem is. Txuan shows you how to diagnose faults quickly. Undoubtedly, there is something wrong with the hydraulic system that controls the movement of the excavator. We disassembled more than 100 sets running deviation  excavators on site. After analysis, it is mainly caused by these two aspects.


Firstly, once the main valve in control of hydraulic system has a problem,  the  supply of hydraulic oilwould unstable, which leads to the excavator running deviation. In this case, the most efficient method is to remove the corresponding oil pipeline connected to the central rotary joint, which can exclude the main valve fault. If it is the main valve problem, we need to communicate with the main valve manufacturer.

Secondly, the running deviation is caused the central rotary joint fault . Usually speaking, there are three reasons cause for central rotary joint fault:

1.Due to the severe  working condition of the excavator, dust and sundries enter the inside of the central rotary joint, which may easily lead to the damage of the o-ring of the neck, then causing the neck oil leakage. In addition, as the neck is the contact point of the relative rotation of the body and the rotation axis, when it runs for a long time and wears quickly which will cause the failure. In view of this problem, Txuan optimized the central rotary joint, It has the function of dustproof, and meanwhile it can effectively extend the wear of dustproof ring and o-ring, eight years on the market, there have been few such complaints.

2.The failure of rotary seal ring in the central rotary joint.

Rotary seal, due to the poor quality and wear or enter impurities in the oil pipe damaged the seal ring , resulting in oil leakage phenomenon. Txuan attaches great importance to the rotary seal, the current use of the rotary seal from overseas, it increased the cost, but effectively control the occurrence of this fault, Txuan is well recognized by SANY, XCMG, LOVOL and other manufacturers.

The small particles inside the oil pipes damage the seal interface between rotary axle and seal ring, which lead to failures of the cental rotary joint, even worse to cause breakdown of main valve. In order to solve this problem, Txuan strictly control the cleanliness of hydraulic oil, ensure that hydraulic system does not suffer any damage.

Txuan has more than 20 years of experience in the application of hydraulic rotary joint, the central rotary joint in the construction machinery industry has been 10 years, when using of various problems, welcome to contact us any time. We are glad to discuss with you, and will continue to optimize products, improve services, and grow together with the construction machinery industry.