What To Pay Attention To When Used In High Temperature Intelligence Electric Stove

Outside, in addition to doing the experiment, not to stay in a high temperature furnace batch.

During the second, experimental work, if nobody continues to use, please turn off the gas, keep the N2 flow tubes remain in the standby temperature, and see if there are other power it off without clearance, such as: cleanhood with small electric lights, boil acid or other, please turn off.

Third, when dealing with HF, please wear gloves, such as accidentally when HF, please immediately flush, grape acid calcium and 2% of water, rubbing abrasion 15'.

SI, quartz glass products please use with caution, so as not to rupture, causing severe lacerations.

Five, to avoid inhaling from the stove or treatment tanks out of a variety of gases.

Six, potassium cyanide (KCN) cannot be mixed with acids placed, as they can produce highly toxic KCN gas.

VII if there is prejudice to the security of something, please immediately notify the staff (technicians).

Eight, please save water consumption.

Nine, broken wafers, filter paper, cotton swabs ... .... Do not fall into the drainage holes in the bottom of the wash tank, so as to avoid waterlogging caused by poor drainage floor.

Length of ten, before the push rod end, also not used at that time, upwards in order to avoid contamination.

Plenary, chip out when the furnace mouth, take boat holder, do not touch the tube to prevent pollution of boiler tubes.