Why Is The Steam Rotary Joint On The Corrugated Dryer Cylinder Easy To Leakage

Some customers with corrugated board lines report that the rotary joint on the drying cylinder is than the one on the corrugated roller. It will leak after a few months of use.  they suspected that there is a quality problem with the rotary joint. In fact, this idea is wrong.

The main reason for the leakage of the rotary joint on the drying cylinder is that the rotary joint turns too little, Actually, it is harmful to keep it still rather than to make it rotating all the time.The steam rotary joint uses spherical seal.It is easy for the tube to rust when it touches the hot steam and water. Under the rotating condition, the sealing surface will not rust. However, if the rotary joint is not rotated for a long time, it will rust and produce rust spots and pits on the sealing place. The bad sealing effect is not good, resulting in leakage.

Another cause of steam rotary joint leakage is spring and cylindrical ring. After the rotating joint is used for a long time, for one thing the inner wall of the shell rusts, and there is no gap between the spring and the shell, so the spring cannot spring out. For another, the cylindrical ring of the steam rotary joint a supporting . Because of the rust on the inner wall of the shell, the spring will lose its compensation effect. The only solution is to replace the shell and the spring