Hydraulic Central Rotary Joint

Hydraulic Central Rotary Joint
Product Details


Segmentated structure with conductive slip ring , apply to media flows, like water, mud, hydraulic oil etc, suitable for high and low pressure, wear-resistant seal ring design,  stability quality and high performance products.

Passages 6 passages for high pressure,1passages for muddy water, 6 passagers for washPressure30Mpa
Speed<4RPMMediaHydraulic oil, water, mud

Company Information

Tengxuan Technology is a leading company for rotary joints and dynamic sealing technologies in China. We specialize in the research and development of rotary joint, dynamic sealing and related products for steam, thermal oil, pneumatics, gas, hydraulic fluid and water appliances, etc.

Our heavy focus and investment in the research and development of special rotary joints and rotating unions resulted in the accumulation of more than 300 patents since 1999. Professional production lines have been developed meet customer's demands and OEM requirements.

Tengxuan Technology is dedicated to providing superior solutions to various industries such as paper industry, steel industry, rubber & plastic industry, textile & fiber industry, non-woven industry, printing industry, solar energy industry, wood processing industry, petrochemical industry, construction machinery, machine tool industry, etc.



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