MCW3-23 Hydraulic Central Rotary Joint

MCW3-23 Hydraulic Central Rotary Joint
Product Details

Hydraulic central rotary joint are designed for excavator, crane, grader and tower crane service.

Suitable for all kinds of excavate, rigging,hydraulic aerial cage, car,slag car, petroleum machinery, oil tank truck,rotary drilling rig,tunnel boring machine,crane truck.long life and reliability.

Connecting the fixed and rotating parts in hydraulic system of hydraulic pneumatic pipe, ake the piping, the two parts can be 360 ° slewing motion freely without interference.

It's available in number of channels from 1-30, The quality of materials, the precision of our operations and the testing of 100% of joints before shipping made our joints lead for a large range of applications: hydraulic oil 、Gas etc.




Oil outlet flow

90-140 L/min
Temperature -30°C~100°C Pressure 350 kg/m2
Number of channels 1~30 Suitable medium Hydraulic oil, gas, water