GS Series High Speed Steam Application Rotary Joint

GS Series High Speed Steam Application Rotary Joint
Product Details

Rotary Joints for Papermaking Industry, GS Series

The GS series rotary joints adopt convex-surface seal technology, advanced QPQ process techniques and multiple spring design, allowing for zero leakage and high efficiency.

Other reliable components include imported graphite ring, O-ring and stationary siphon. Different from the QGX series products, this series of rotary union is extremely suitable for ultra-high speed working environments (more than 1000 rpm).

Main Configurations: Elbow head, wear plate, body, component, horizontal support tube, seal ring, spring

Main Advantages of Rotary Joints
1. Optimized balanced seal assembly
2. Multi-spring assembly compensates for axial misalignment
3. Piston absorb axial misalignment
4. Antimony- impregnated seal package
5. Hard cantilever stationary siphon
6. Support tube strengthens siphon assembly to maintain optimum siphon clearance
7. No maintenance required
8. Extended seal life and increased reliability.
9. For high speed paper machine applications



The Installation