Tengxuan Filtration System

Product Details

Main Application

  • Production and recycling of coating, oil and painting materials.

  • Filtration of ceramic slurry and glaze materials.

  • Coating preparation system, filtration of coating glue material in paper industry.

  • Super fine additive filtration in food industry.


  • complete 304 or 316 stainless steel structure ( AISI304 or AISI316L )

  • Mechanical continuous cleaning, automatic doctor linear pressure adjustment.

  • Imported wedge-shaped basket or fine perforated basket.

  • Equipped with air discharge pipe and water spraying nozzle.


  • The slot clearance of the basket can be 150 μm (100 mesh), 125 μm (120 mesh), 100 μm ( 150 mesh), 75 μm ( 200 mesh).

  • It can be customized as customers needs.

Pressure screening system is consist of cap, body, wedge-shaped basket, rotating cylinder body and its doctor system, gear box, etc.  The coating material enters the screen from inlet and goes through the basket under the pressure and comes out from the outlet. The residue on the basket will be doctored down and discharged from the bottom.

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