Water Rotary Joint

Water Rotary Joint
Product Details

The technology parameters:

Mediawater, steam
Max temperature120℃
Max speed750 RPM
Max pressure1.2 Mpa
MaterialHigh quality corrosion resistant steel
Sealing componentHigh temperature steam resistant rubber ring

The characteristic:

1. Compared with other rotary joints, the service life is significantly extended.The steel composite floating seal overcomes the low corrosion resistance and high surface finish of the casting, ensures the safe floating performance of the seal, guarantees the stability of the seal, and significantly improves the service life.

2. Easy replacement of sealing parts - floating connection between the sealing parts and structural parts, such as the need to replace, simple and simple operation, improve maintenance efficiency, save user costs

3. Special sealing pair design and matching, minimize the impact of medium temperature rise on sealing performance, to ensure the product in different temperatures of high stability.

4. Large discharge port design, good heat dissipation effect, prevent water accumulation on bearing performance.

5. Single and double channel design, according to customer needs.


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