2" 1502 Style 50 Swivel Joint (elbow)

Product Details
We have an experienced development team and sophisticated technology to custom-make the most suitable Rotary Joint for High Speed Application, long life and good stability rotary joint, Swivel Joint to customers. Our company is committed to market development, pursuing the corporate policy of 'quality, price, reputation, and service', and strive to be your enthusiastic and trusted partner with more perfect products and superior services. The company has a first-class professional marketing team.


1.High-precision metal bearing support, smooth operation, bearing life without maintenance.
2.High pressure and high speed sealing structure has low rotating torque.
3.The body material can be made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel or brass according to different working conditions



Our company has gradually become a strong competitive and representative brand in the industry, and has become a representative manufacturer of 2" 1502 Style 50 Swivel Joint (elbow). We actively optimize the market operation model and cultivate a team of high-quality and compound talents that adapt to the changes in the global market and the development of business operations at home and abroad. In the development process, our company always adheres to the combination of scientific research, design and production services.

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