3/4" NPT Thread Air Rotating Union Hydraulic Rotary Union Seals

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We hope that the use of our Rotary Joint for Low Speed Application with dual or multi passages, Water Rotary Union for High Temperature Application, Aluminum body Rotary Joint will be more assured, so that customers can be more satisfied with our products and services. We are guided by scientific and technological investment, guaranteed by advanced equipment, excellent quality, and quick after-sales service to win the trust of our customers. We advocate exploring the essence of things in order to achieve true innovation and lay a solid foundation for product improvement. Our company provides product function customization services, and the product function configuration can be selected according to needs.


Tengxuan Technology is a leading company for rotary joints and dynamic sealing technologies in China. We specialize in the research and development of rotary joint, dynamic sealing and related products for steam, thermal oil, pneumatics, gas, hydraulic fluid and water appliances, etc.

Our heavy focus and investment in the research and development of special rotary joints and rotating unions resulted in the accumulation of more than 300 patents since 1999. Professional production lines have been developed meet customer's demands and OEM requirements.

Tengxuan Technology is dedicated to providing superior solutions to various industries such as paper industry, steel industry, rubber & plastic industry, textile & fiber industry, non-woven industry, printing industry, solar energy industry, wood processing industry, petrochemical industry, construction machinery, machine tool industry, etc.

What is the hydraulic central swivel joints used in?

The hydraulic central swivel joint is mainly used in the whole hydraulic system of excavator, crane, grader, tower crane and so on.

Connect the hydraulic pneumatic pipeline of the fixed and rotating part in the whole hydraulic system, so that the pipeline line and the lower part can freely rotate around each other 360° without interference.

What is the advantage of tengxuan company for the hydraulic turning joints ?

In addition to being able to process various forms of central rotary joints used in construction machinery between 0.8t-40t, the company has twenty years of technical accumulation in the rotary joint industry, and adopts unique body seal processing and assembly control technology, so that the Tengxuan company has a strong advantage in the production and processing of rotary joints with various large tonnage and many channels.

Technology Parameters

Number of channels16
Suitable forCoiled Tubing Car

From the perspective of creating greater product value, we aim to satisfy customer needs by improving the quality of our 3/4" NPT Thread Air Rotating Union Hydraulic Rotary Union Seals. We always regard creating value for customers as the goal, and we have established a rich and systematic marketing service network. So we can guarantee short lead time and quality assurance.
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