Casting Pneumatic Oil Rotary Union Rotating Joint

Casting Pneumatic Oil Rotary Union Rotating Joint
Product Details
The Swivel Joint for High Pressure Application, dual flow rotary internal pipe rotary joint, Swivel Joint for Low Pressure Application we provide is the full embodiment of the technical and comprehensive capabilities cultivated and accumulated in the course of the company's years of development. We sincerely count on exchange and cooperation with you. We provide customers with accurate, precise and efficient product customization services. For a long time, our company has been adhering to the business philosophy of 'quality is life, integrity-based, customer first', constantly developing new products, expanding the scale of the company, and serving every customer with care, thus winning the praise of our customers. We look for people who want to grow with us around the globe and stand out from the crowd.

Rotary Joints for Steam, SN Series

Rotary Joint, is also called rotary union or swivel joint.

The SN series rotary joints are made from nodular cast iron and find an extensive application in transferring steam and thermal oils. This type of steam joint implements a concave-surface seal design and single-spring structure, with high efficiency and zero leakage. As for the internal structure, the rotary union possesses dual-bearing support and high-quality graphite ring, with a simple structure and easy maintenance.

Main Configurations of Steam Rotary Joints
1. Elbow head
2. Body
3. Wear plate
4. Nipple
5. Syphon pipe
6. Oilless bearing
7. Graphite ring
8. Spring

Attractive Characteristics of Steam Rotary Joints
1. Concave-surface seal
2. Standard graphite or antimony filled graphite seal material
3. Oilless dual-bearing support
4. Maximum support spacing
5. Prolonged service life and high reliability
6. Easy to replace
7. Rotary type or fixed type siphon



The Installation

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