Deublin Air & Hydraulic Service Rotary Union

Deublin Air & Hydraulic Service Rotary Union
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As a professional manufacturer of Hydraulic excavator Rotary Joint, High Speed Application Rotary Joint, Hydraulic petrol machinery rotary joint, we have been working tirelessly on technological improvement and quality management. The superior performance and stable quality of our products have established a good image and reputation for our company in the industry. In the market, the competitive characteristics that an enterprise must possess for survival or becoming a competitor. After years of hard work and development, our company has a deep accumulation in the industry and has obtained good reputation.

MR series rotary joint adopts gland sealing, is specially used for low speed and high pressure of multi-passage rotary joint.

ML is for middle& high speed and high pressure of multi-passage rotary joint,clearance sealing, no need to touch and wear for sealing ring, extend the long life

MC series rotary joint is designed for steel cold blowing, bottom blowing, top blowing, large rotating flat. From water cooling to contain the argon system,from single passage to as many as 30 channels.


Through on-time logistics delivery, our Deublin Air & Hydraulic Service Rotary Union will be delivered to customers quickly and safely. We have introduced a variety of advanced technologies and processing equipment to ensure the quality of our products! We need further implement the international strategy of going global, dare to compete with powerful opponents in the global market, and seize the market share of global advanced manufacturing.

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