Main Seal Ring--Plastic Ring

Main Seal Ring--Plastic Ring
Product Details
We are the best manufacturer of Swivel Joint, Hydraulic Central Rotary Joint for Special Applications, Low Speed Application Rotary Joint in China. We continue to deepen the reform of the system, introduce new production equipment, improve product quality, and meet customer needs in all aspects. Let us go hand in hand, cooperate with integrity, and benefit each other. We pay attention to the quality and details and every process is step by step and adhere to the quality to shape our brand. We always try our best to adapt to different market demand, to provide more perfect service, in order to realize the new breakthrough. We will continue to develop, and strive to create unlimited business opportunities for customers.

Tubulator bars is installed in the inside of the dryer, it is mainly used to break the water ring to avhieve the heat transfer effect of the dryer, improve the drying ability of the paper machine, and ensure the intergrity of the paper.


Good rigidity and flexibility

Easy installation

Optional in carbon / stainless steel

For machines where condensate rimming occurs

Our experienced service personnel and customer-centric team provide customers with complete customized Main Seal Ring--Plastic Ring with innovative technology. Our company has constantly been able to update the products performance and safety to meet the markets and strive to be top A on stable quality and sincere service. We actively implement company product structure adjustments, increasing new products and economic benefits to ensure the long-term development of the company.

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