New Arrival Hydraulic Fittings Swivel Joint

New Arrival Hydraulic Fittings Swivel Joint
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We are now engaged in manufacturing and exporting teflon shoes Rotary Joint, Hydraulic Central Rotary Joint for Petrol Machinery, Hydraulic Central Rotary Joint for Excavators. We strive to provide our customers the best product at the most competitive prices for years. The success of us relies on this. Since the state, the nation, society and citizens all have their own responsibilities, thus enterprises should also have corporate responsibilities. In the new economic situation, our development strategy should mainly focus on how to maximize our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, and seize opportunities to meet challenges.

O-ring is suitable for various mechanical equipment, in the specified temperature, pressure, and different liquid and gas medium, in the static or moving state of sealing.

In machine tools, ships, automobiles, aerospace equipment, metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, plastic machinery, agricultural machinery, and all kinds of instruments and meters, a large number of applications of various types of sealing components.

O-ring is mainly used for static sealing and reciprocating sealing.For rotating motion seals, only low speed rotary seals.O-type sealing ring is usually installed in the groove with rectangular cross section on the outer circle or inner circle.O - ring seals in oil resistance, acid and alkali, wear, chemical erosion and other environments still play a good seal, shock absorption.Therefore, o-ring seal is the most widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system.

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