Pavc 33/38/65/100 Parker Hydraulic Pump Spare Parts

Pavc 33/38/65/100 Parker Hydraulic Pump Spare Parts
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We'll make every effort and hard work being outstanding and excellent, and speed up our techniques for rotary union, Rough Polishing, Labyrinth Sealing rotary joint. On the basis of summarizing the existing technologies at home and abroad, we adopted innovative technologies, obtained customer recognition and achieved good economic benefits. Focusing on the long-term development of the company, we have formulated the overall development strategy of extending the main business and adopting new innovations as the guiding ideas and the direction of struggle.

Carbon Ring using flexible graphite belt or flexible graphite packing, the ring products of different sizes are made by molding.Suitable for hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat exchange liquid, nitrogen, organic solvent, hydrocarbon, low temperature liquid and other media.Used for compressor, pump, valve, chemical instrument, instrument, etc.

Pressure (Mpa):25 temperature (℃):-200 ~ 850 linear velocity (m/s):30 PH value :0 ~ 14 graphite ring is divided into flexible graphite and carbon-graphite ring.The carbon - graphite ring is mainly used to seal the rotating parts of the machine.The carbon - graphite ring is resistant to high temperature corrosion and wear.

Generally customer-oriented, and it's our ultimate goal for Pavc 33/38/65/100 Parker Hydraulic Pump Spare Parts. Through a lot of hard work, we establish a long-term business relationship with so many customers all around the world, and achieve win-win success. Our company always believes that there are customers after customers and the beginning of service is the beginning of sales.

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