Rotary Joints for Metal Casters (C Series)

Rotary Joints for Metal Casters (C Series)
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We sincerely design and customized all kinds of Double spherical rotary joint, low torque swivel, no maintenance required rotary joint for our customers. The physical factory, complete equipment, professional quality and reasonable ex-factory price are the core competitiveness of our company. To revitalize the national manufacturing industry and become an internationally competitive company respected by the society is our unswerving pursuit. The company can achieve today's scale, improving product quality is the key, but to improve product quality, we have to first improve staff quality.

Carbon Ring using flexible graphite belt or flexible graphite packing, the ring products of different sizes are made by molding.Suitable for hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat exchange liquid, nitrogen, organic solvent, hydrocarbon, low temperature liquid and other media.Used for compressor, pump, valve, chemical instrument, instrument, etc.

Pressure (Mpa):25 temperature (℃):-200 ~ 850 linear velocity (m/s):30 PH value :0 ~ 14 graphite ring is divided into flexible graphite and carbon-graphite ring.The carbon - graphite ring is mainly used to seal the rotating parts of the machine.The carbon - graphite ring is resistant to high temperature corrosion and wear.

The company takes integrity, quality, service and innovation as our business philosophy, and aims to build a first-class brand in the Rotary Joints for Metal Casters (C Series) industry. We have complete production equipment and advanced production technology, strict corporate management, and perfect quality service system. We'll be delighted to present you a quotation on receipt of one's comprehensive specs.

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