Style 80 High Pressure Swivel Joints

Style 80 High Pressure Swivel Joints
Product Details
We are responsible for every process of our plane seal rotary coupling, Super Precision Machining Hot Cold Machining, Rotary Joint for Low Speed Application with dual or multi passages and go all out to continuously improve product quality. Our company has established the core content of corporate culture with distinctive characteristics, laying the foundation for the long-term development in the future. 'Make the women more attractive 'is our sales philosophy. Our company is an honest and trustworthy enterprise, and has won the recognition and support of employees, suppliers and customers. In recent years, we have achieved rapid development and continue to promote product upgrades, and our products are well received by customers all over the world. We keep seeking truth from facts, and we believe in unity and cooperation, love and dedication.


1.High-precision metal bearing support, smooth operation, bearing life without maintenance.
2.High pressure and high speed sealing structure has low rotating torque.
3.The body material can be made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel or brass according to different working conditions



We have been abiding by the business philosophy of 'integrity, pragmatism, stability, and efficiency', constantly forging ahead, and contributing to the development of the Style 80 High Pressure Swivel Joints industry. The collaboration between our engineers in the design process ensures the rationality of product design. We welcome all inquiries and comments.

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