Water Pumps AC Drivce, Frequency Inverter

Water Pumps AC Drivce, Frequency Inverter
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We'll make each hard work to become excellent and excellent, and speed up our measures for Steam Rotary Joint for Low Speed Application, dual flow stationary internal pipe Rotary Joint, Rotary Joint with Labyrinth Sealing Design. We strive to create benefits for the society, with the goal of growing together with society, promoting national economic development, and revitalizing national scientific and technological progress. We adhere to the dedicated and high-quality business philosophy and has established a complete management system and incentive measures in accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise.

The central swivel joint is a hydraulic element connecting the swivel platform and the chassis oil circuit。     It can ensure that the rotary platform rotation at any Angle, but also supply oil to the hydraulic components of the car。


Number of channels6
Flow (L/MIN)130
Suitable for Medium Excavators

Hydraulic central rotary joint are designed for excavator, crane, grader and tower crane service.

Connecting the fixed and rotating parts in hydraulic system of hydraulic pneumatic pipe, Make the piping, the two parts can be 360 ° slewing motion freely without interference.

It's available in number of channels from 1-30, The quality of materials, the precision of our operations and the testing of 100% of joints before shipping made our joints lead for a large range of applications: hydraulic oil etc.

Today, the Water Pumps AC Drivce, Frequency Inverter has been recognized and accepted all over the world and is loved by our customers. Give us a chance to show you our professionalism and passion. If necessary, welcome to contact us by our website or phone consultation, we'll be happy to serve you.

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