Ball Valve

Product Details

Structure of ball valve

Ball valve is evolved from the plug valve, its opening and closing pieces as a ball, using the ball around the axis of the stem rotation 90 degrees to achieve the purpose of opening and closing.

Ball valve function

The ball valve is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the direction of medium flow in the pipeline.

Ball valve not only simple structure, good sealing performance, and in a certain nominal through the range of small volume, light weight, less material consumption, small installation size, and drive torque is small, easy to operate, easy to achieve rapid opening and closing, is one of the fastest development of the valve varieties in recent decades.

Especially in America, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, west, the industrial developed countries, such as ball valve has a very wide range of USES, use of variety and quantity continues to expand, and to high temperature and high pressure, big, high sealing, long service life, good regulation performance, and a multifunctional direction valve, its reliability and other performance indicators have reached a higher level, and has set up a part replace gate valve, globe valve, regulating valve.


Advantages of ball valve

1.Has the lowest flow resistance (virtually zero).

2. It can be used reliably in corrosive media and low boiling liquids because it is not stuck at work (in the absence of lubricants).

3.Complete sealing can be achieved in the range of larger pressure and temperature.

4.Ball in position to close the case automatically positioning.

5. The work of the media in the two-sided reliable seal.

6.Compact structure and light weight, it can be considered as the most reasonable valve structure for low temperature medium system.

7.Body symmetry, especially when welding body structure, can well withstand the stress from the pipelin.


Ball valve tightness

The most important valve seat sealing ring material is PTFE, which is inert to almost all chemical substances, and has the comprehensive characteristics of small friction coefficient, stable performance, not aging, wide temperature range and excellent sealing performance.

However, the physical properties of PTFE, including high expansion coefficient, sensitivity to cold flow and poor thermal conductivity, require the design of valve seat sealing must be carried out around these characteristics.Seat sealing plastic materials also include teflon, nylon, and many other materials.

Ball valve applicable occasions

In the oxygen piping system of metallurgical industry, ball valves which have been treated with strict degreasing shall be used.

When the main line in oil and gas pipelines is buried underground, full-bore welded ball valves should be used.

In the request has the adjustment performance, must choose the special structure ball valve with the v-shaped opening.

In petroleum, chemical industry, electric power and urban construction, the ball valve with metal to metal seal can be used for piping system with working temperature above 200℃



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