Butterfly Valve

Product Details
Main Parts Material and Style
Name of spare partsMaterial and Style
BodyGray cast iron, nodular cast iron, carbon steel ,stainless steel, aluminum alloy
Butterfly plateIron nylon cladding, ductile iron ptfe cladding, ductile iron, aluminum bronze plating, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy plating
SeatNatural rubber, butyronitrile rubber neoprene and ethylene-propylene rubber, sea, silicone rubber,pat rubber,ptfe
StemStainless steel, carbon steel electroplating
BushingsLubrication bronze, ptfe
O ringEthylene-propylene rubber,butyronitrile rubber
Valve appearance coatingEpoxy resin
Device driversstamping handle, aluminum alloy handles, worm gear,electric actuator, pneumatic actuators.

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